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My studio. (Photograph by Peter Balogh)

Photograph by Peter Balogh. (www.goodtreeart.com)

A few days ago I met an awesome Photographer, Peter Balogh by accident.
and He took pictures of my studio with his Analog Film Camera.

He is an awesome photographer!
I share his photos, please Enjoy his photos and my studio. :)
you can go www.goodtreeart.com to see more his photographs.



2012 Young generation showcase from de young

 My two paintings made it to some competition from De young museum at SF a few weeks ago
,so  I had a showcase there last month.

My two paintings, 'Jeannie Jin(yellow green)' and 'Tears'  got selected and it was an big honor and nice experience for me.

Nowadays I've started to paint with my new attitude and serious mind for art.  It is time for me to level up from the level of student!
In order to be that,  I believe that I really need to do my best more and more since only a few semesters left until graduate in school.




I've been making my website and working on new paintings.

It has been so long to post on my blog. I am planning to make my website and working on it now. (http://moonqcho.fineartstudioonline.com)

I will buy domain like "moonqcho.com" later because I am totally broken....:(

Anyway I will post new paintings as soon as I finish them.

Nowadays, I ended up preferring paintings about beauty of our world rather than sort of provocation. I know that the provocative, sensational, and strong subject matter look usually more powerful and fancy though.

"Jeannie Jin" Series that I am working on would be my first try in term of my concept, Purification.
I hope you guys too can get some innocent and beautiful feeling even though her struggling life is pretty tough.

Jeannie Jin (emerald gray)
24x36 oil on canvas,

Jeannie Jin (yellowgreen)
18x24 oil on canvas, 2011

18x38 oil on canvas, 2010


Upcoming paintings.

Jessalyn in blue.
12x16 oil on cavas, 2011

We are tired.
 11x14 acrylic on illustration board, 2011


Archive (my old works)

Figure drawings.
22x40 Charcoal on paper, 2011

Male figure drawing.
22x40 Charcoal on paper, 2011
 (strathmore 300 series paper)

 24x32  oil on canvas

 Tears, 2010
18x 38 oil on canvas

Hands, 2010
18x24 oil on canvas

Paintings in my closet.

(2010 Show  'State of Mind'  at Hotel Whitcomb in SF.)

 Portrait of Hak Lee.
18x24 oil on canvas, 2010

Green and Red.
Acrylic on Paper, 2010

Untitled, 2010
9x12 oil on panel

Quick study
12x16 oil on panel, 2009

Head study.
12x16  oil on panel, 2010

Charcoal on toned paper

       Pastel on paper, 2010

conte drawings.


  Contact   :  Moonqcho@gmail.com

MoonQ Cho Fine Art